Jennifer Hudson Strolls Around The Hood in “Walk It Out” Video


Jennifer Hudson is sexing it up. The Timberland produced and guest stared track “Walk It Out” is a banger. I do want to add that this is perfect for her. This a la J. Lo attire and stroll through the hood, passing up brownstones and the basketball courts, meanwhile a random tatted n**** parades around her for her attention. Isn’t this what we had been waiting for her to do?


The new song “Walk It Out” sounds like a summer smash, and we hope it is, we need more black soul singers hitting the top 40 this summer. Jennifer Hudson has a definite catchy tune here. Catch the video by continuing to read.



She definitely takes you trip around the hood, up the block, through a beauty salon, around the courts, and for a late night stroll in the middle of the street. J Hud, you stay!

She previously posted this snap of her behind the scenes filming the video!

Enjoy the video!