He’s Hip-Hop’s Bill Cosby: Gardening With T.I.

Clifford Harris, known to us all as T.I. took to the back yard to plant a few edibles with his son on CNN’s “Sanjay Gupta MD.” T.I. dressed in a real casual look that includes Nike active pants and a grey hoodie, plants carrots, lettuce, and arugula in small rectangular plant pots. Shocking right? Trap meets gardening.


Of course this is a great segment for T.I, given the exposure it gives to him and his family, pushing forward possible interest in his VH1 reality series. Clever PR or just a failed attempt at expanding slightly to a different market? I say both. I think what is insulting to the clip is that Sanjay mentioned that it was odd that a rapper would garden, and “REACH OUT” to be in the segment, to gardening. As he breaks stereotypes he in the same, is being boxed in stereotypes. A tad bit backbiting.


Spotted @ Rap Up